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We do away with the preconceived idea that modular/Off-Site construction must be repetitive and standard – in both design and operation – enabling us to adapt fully to your requirements.

Types and uses


Medical-surgical offices with diagnostic support resources. We develop health promotion and protection activities, plus early diagnosis and outpatient treatment for the most common health needs.

Short-term stay

Centres intended for the diagnosis and treatment of processes that require surgery (outpatient or less than five days’ hospitalisation), healthcare for complication-free acute pathologies or maternity centre with uncomplicated birth care.

Acute-care General Hospital

Hospitals for the care of acute conditions, monographic hospitals (maternity, trauma, etc.) without third-level specialities (for example: neonatology, neurosurgery, heart surgery, etc.).

This may include:

  • Offices and support premises.
  • Basic emergency area
  • Diagnostic support areas: basic laboratory, diagnostic imaging, etc.
  • Hospitalisation area
  • General support area

This may include:

  • Support offices and premises, rehabilitation area and basic emergency area.
  • Diagnostic/treatment support areas: laboratory, diagnostic imaging, etc.
  • Area for the performance of invasive procedures: operating theatres, delivery rooms, endoscopy rooms.
  • Hospitalisation area
  • General support area

This may include

  • Support offices and premises, rehabilitation area and emergency area (with boxes and observation areas).
  • Diagnostic/treatment support areas: laboratory, diagnostic imaging (conventional radiology, CT scan, mammography and ultrasound).
  • Area for the performance of invasive procedures (interventionist): operating theatres, birth rooms, endoscopy rooms.
  • Hospitalisation area.
  • General support area.



The Small model is the system’s point of departure

The Small model is the system’s point of departure, from which the other models are generated. On the basis of an 18-bed hospital, HBS provides for the future extension of the facility.

Surface area: 1.800 m2
Beds: 18

Plano Small
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Planta Modelo Small

Plano medium
Plano large
Plano X-large

Surface area: 2.820 m2
Beds:: 36

Surface area: 4.560 m2
Beds: 74

Surface area: 5.640 m2
Beds: 110

Easy to extend

Guaranteeing the growth and extension possibilities of our hospitals has always been one of the challenges in the HBS system design process. A hospital’s circulation system is a core element for the installation’s functional efficiency, hence HBS considers a basic circulation system, guaranteeing future extension without the need to change the original hospital’s operating protocols.

Basic layout

The basic circulation layout involves four types of internal circulation and the corresponding accesses, separated into the different uses to which the facility is put.

HBS distributes its functional circulation routes by distinguishing between four main uses: general public, mixed, emergencies and services. It also provides different accesses for public use and for access to the emergency services.

Plano Small
plano medium circulación
plano large circulación
plano xlarge circulación
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