Let’s imagine we have to build a hospital, but there’s little room to work. What could be a solution? The use of offsite construction. In HBS, we explain in this week’s article the advantages of offsite hospital construction.


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Advantages of offsite hospital construction

Solutions such as those proposed by HBS (Healthcare Building System) take advantage because instead of using traditional construction techniques, it uses offsite construction. What allows offsite construction?

  • Reduce work time on site: up to 80%. In infrastructures such as hospitals or schools, this advantage is very important, because if there is to be an extension, offsite construction allows the buildings to continue operating normally.
  • Facilitating solutions: A customer needs a quick and easy solution. In traditional construction, the execution time of the work is not fast, because you don’t have so much control over the times, on the other hand, in offsite construction you have the times, the materials (and the controlled costs). As a result, the site’s climate does not affect the construction site and occupational risks are reduced. Why is that? For offsite construction, all you need is a factory, a warehouse to assemble the parts and finally a crane at the final site to assemble the parts. As we have already said, work at the final location is reduced by up to 80%.
  • Customize: A common misunderstanding is that many people think that the modular construction has only a few standard sizes. But no, the modular construction allows to customize measures and adapt to the needs of the customer and the location. Spaces may be larger or smaller, depending on the space. The important thing at this point is the logistics for transporting the parts to the final destination.


At HBS, We build hospitals anywhere in the world, using Lean Construction, offsite construction and BIM techniques. If you are interested in our projects, write us here.

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