The BIM methodology helps people to collaborate and share responsibility because the level of detail with which they work is very defined. In the current’s article, we tell you one of the advantages of BIM and it is like thanks to the use of BIM, hospitals can improve the ventilation of hospitals and in this way, reduce the risk of infections. How? Keep reading.


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Infections in hospitals are a common complication, which can cause around 99,000 deaths annually in the United States and in many cases, these infections can be prevented if you have good control of ventilation and heating of hospitals.

How BIM helps reduce infections in hospitals


The solution to reducing infections in hospitals is a good ventilation and heating system. The fact is that there are very good suppliers that can provide us with the best ventilation and heating systems for hospitals. However, not only a good system but a good management of hospital ventilation is needed to reduce the risk of infections.

Thanks to the ability of BIM to create 3D models, specialists can visualize the currents and simulate the flow of air to choose the best option and make a good follow-up of the flows of currents.

Currently, the companies dedicated to the management of smart building are creating software that allows managing all the elements of buildings to keep it in an optimal state, but we also find software that allows to manage and control the ventilation and heating of buildings, in this case, of hospitals.


Thus, we can design a hospital and its facilities being aware of the currents that will be created for hospital ventilation and may reduce the number of cases of infections that may occur due to this cause.


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