The answer to all your questions about Healthcare Building System (HBS)

Which are the limits, on height terms, of prefab hospitals?

There is no limit. In another kind of residential projects, using the same system. HBS is using a similar technique but in our rural projects, where the ground is not a problem, we recommend to build one floor. In urban areas, the number of floors is not limited by this building system.

Is it possible to provide prefab solutions for vertical expansion of your existing hospitals?

Of course and this is a very specific benefit of NIBUG ‘s HBS system. Depending on the data extracted from existing pillars and foundation, we can build till the limit of the actual structure. If you are interested in achieving highest floors, this is possible with our system using CLT, panels of structural timber, which are lightest and at the same mooring add less weight to the building. This system provides the same finishing solutions that the actual hospital, so the visual difference between the new addition and the old existing facilities doesn’t exist.

Will the entire shipment of materials be imported? Where are the factories?

Our system is constantly looking for the best efficiency, in economic and technical terms. We can search the necessary providers around the place in order to minimize costs generated by logistics and movement of materials. But we have to keep always the chosen rated quality of the materials, so a balance has to be guaranteed.

We do not need factories. We use companies near the final location. We need a warehouse where we develop the assembling of all elements. Our methodology consists of identifying the nearest, empty or ready-to-rent, warehouses to the final site and then, we choose them depending on the fabrication plan and the volume of the hospital fixed by your healthcare necessities.

Which materials do you use in walls, floors, ceilings, dividing walls, surgery rooms and ICU?

HBS uses the same materials than common hospitals. Our system is capable to introduce the same materials that you are using but always in a panelized format to guarantee the functional and medical requirements. HBS system uses UE standards and certified materials. The only requirement is that they need to be able to be panelized.

What kind of on-site preparation is required in prefab buildings?

We need concrete foundations (that will be different if there are necessities of parking) and a well-leveled ground floor to initiate the assembling of modules. Also, we need a crane in order to place each one of the modules once they arrive at the site.


Anyway, the same company that manufacture would be in charge of making the foundations and getting the crane.

What are the loads on the foundation of prefabricated hospitals?

They are less big than a traditional construction hospital, due we are looking always to make lighter modules to be more easily transported to the site and lifted. So, our buildings weight less while they are giving identical physical strength.

The same company that manufacture would be in charge of making the foundations and getting the crane.

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