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Introducing BIM (Building Information Modelling), HBS system design, manufacture and assemble, in short time and with European standards, your hospitals.


Proceso pre-proyecto


Our experience allows us to provide you with assessment and guidance in the programming of a healthcare and/or hospital centre, with the mission of living up to the expectations and needs (economic, social, architectural, building, functional, etc.) of a new facility.




Proceso, proyecto básico

Basic project

This phase involves matching the building’s programme to the customer’s functional needs, the characteristics of the terrain and the particularities of each country, based on designs already studied by the building project’s team of architects and engineers.

Proceso, proyecto constructivo

Building project

The 3D digital models and the documentation necessary to manufacture and assemble all the parts of the project are generated guaranteeing the required quality and safety.


Proceso, fabricación


We purchase the materials. Also, we are in charge of manufacturing and the assembling of the elements. Moreover, the facilities required by the hospital are established, in terms of both consumables and furniture and fittings, according to the customer’s needs and architectural design, in order to guarantee the availability of all the materials needed for it to operate.

Proceso, logística


Optimize the transport of the elements which composed the building is an initial project condition, since the dimensions of the elements that have to be manufactured depend on the size of the transport container. An exhaustive study of the transportation process and its traceability is performed, guaranteeing the time and the order of delivery so as to honour deadlines, final quality and cost control.

Proceso, ensamblaje


HBS’s engineering team will define lifting resources together with the participating companies, depending on the terrain, as well as material delivery phases and terms. The system provides for the participation of local workers and companies and the provision of the training needed to address this phase, thus guaranteeing the project’s social dimension.


Mantenimiento garantizado

Guaranteed maintenance

HBS does not simply build hospitals, its very approach includes the future maintenance of the facility and building. A healthcare center spends every year an 80% of its construction inversion. HBS gets to minimize the maintenance costs during its life cycle: this ranges from every component of every module of the actual building and utilities and consumables, in order to guarantee operation (electricity, sanitary water network, sanitation, furniture and fittings, surgical equipment, etc.).

HBS provides a continual training plan for the local personnel tasked with the maintenance of all the hospital’s installations in order to guarantee its service life.

Mantenimiento de equipos

Equipment Maintenance

Realising the difficulty that certain territories have to access the best technologies and medical equipment, HBS, through its collaborating companies, can guarantee these resources in order to accomplish maximum healthcare quality, equipment maintenance and the training required for daily use and management.

Mantenimiento de personal

Healthcare and medical personnel management

By definition, a hospital is a very complex healthcare centre that requires highly-qualified personnel. If necessary, HBS can provide personnel for the medical area, support personnel or general maintenance personnel..

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