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Equipment Planning

The analysis of equipment needs adapted to the type of hospital, its services and specialities and to healthcare complexity.

The project includes:

  • Room-by-room equipment plan for the entire site. The high-technology equipment, medical equipment, clinical furniture and fittings, general instruments, general furniture and fittings and industrial equipment needed for operation are defined for each one of them.
  • Definition of the quality grades of the main equipment or groups of equipment adapted to the type of hospital, target country and customer expectations
  • Description of the equipment’s technical specifications that are needed to request offers from suppliers.
  • Estimated investment budget.
  • Implementation of the equipment and related data in the BIM environment, facilitating the identification of equipment, improving the supervision of supply logistics, installation, start-up and future maintenance.

Equipment procurement management

Assessment and support in the procurement process of the general and specific equipment of the new hospital.

The actions performed in this process involve:

  • Design of the procurement process and evaluation of the optimal procurement model.
  • Identification, selection of companies for the call for tenders (local companies, international companies, etc.).
  • Evaluation of the proposals or bids submitted by the suppliers.
  • Assessment in the negotiation stage: with regard to the types of equipment offered, features or improvement proposals, expected costs/quality grades, etc.
  • General procurement calendar: supplied, start-up of the facility and specific training in management and maintenance.

and management

Business model and operating budgets

Budget and business plan:

  • Investment required, operating costs, options for the generation of revenue, amortization, etc.

Operating development plan:

  • Annual activity objectives and dashboard.
  • Support to analysis, negotiation and agreements with partners.
  • Own and outsourced services.

Organisational and operating model

  • Design of hospital management processes and procedure manuals.
  • Marketing and external communication plan.
  • Quality plan, certification and patient safety.

Human resources and other services

Human resources plan:

  • Definition of the necessary professional profiles, support in personnel recruitment and hiring.

Preparation of the ICT needs plan:

  • Analysis, negotiation and hiring of suppliers.
  • Support in the selection of hardware and applications.

General Services:

  • Analysis, negotiation and hiring of suppliers of products and services: maintenance, cleaning, laundry, catering, etc.

Hospital start-up

  • Processing and obtaining permits.
  • Test of start-up of the hospital and all its facilities
  • Carry out inventory and maintenance plans.
  • Operational opening plan: Planning of the opening, plan of work, coordination of the preparations, support during the opening and start-up.
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Management and training

  • Training of the personnel in the new hospital’s organisation and management.
  • Specific training in procedures, Information Systems, equipment, etc.
  • Accompaniment of the management team in the new hospital’s initial operating phase.

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