More than 2000 health projects, in more than 30 countries, endorse the experience of our team

Nibug, Mario Corea Arq. and CT Ingenieros have joined forces in a single mission: to design, manufacture and assemble industrialised hospitals in situ that quickly deliver a sustainable and self-sufficient healthcare service in sparsely populated, highly disperse or difficult-to-access areas with scant economic and/or technological resources.

Rosa Vilarasau

Mario Corea


Mario Corea Aiello was born in Rosario in 1939. In 1962, he graduated from the School of Architecture of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Rosario. He subsequently relocated to Boston where, in 1964, he qualified as a Master of Architecture in Urban Design.

In Cambridge, the architect worked with the  Sert, Jackson and Associates studio from 1962 until 1965, and in the following two years he worked with the Desmond and Lord and Paul Rudolph studios.

In 1968 he embarked upon his academic career, lecturing at the Institute of the School of Architecture, Planning and Design of the National University of Rosario, and in 1968 he founded Arquitectos Asociados in the same city. In 1970, he took his Diploma in Urban Studies at the Architectural Association of London.

Pol Guiu

Antonio Pellicer

General Coordinator of Be Nibug S.L.

A real-estate developer with more than 25 years of experience.

A Board Member of the Pellicer i Fills, S.A. Family Group, which has developed innovative projects such as the introduction of industrialisation into building, a used vegetable oil transformation plant for biodiesel, and experimentation in the intensive farming of more than 100,000 olive trees, setting new trends in intensive agriculture.

Driven always by an innovative and environmentally-friendly mentality, in recent years he has promoted sustainable construction in several projects.

He is currently the main driving force at Nibug.

Eber Rueda

Eber Rueda

Industrial Engineer

Director of CT Ingenieros AEC (BIM, VDC & Industrialized Construction). Applying the specific methodologies of the Industry to building will provide us with greater project control (terms and prices) and quality in the near future. The BIM methodology is the first step. Building Projects will be the key to success, and CT Ingenieros AEC specialise in rising to this type of challenge, in the speciality of Architecture, structures, enclosures and MEP.

Our greatest challenge is to provide our expertise and know-how so that building can evolve towards the control and quality levels of the most demanding Industrial sectors.



New Industrialised Building Generation, lleva más de 10 años colaborando con diversos especialistas para desarrollar proyectos de edificación industrializada, pensando siempre que la sociedad debe evolucionar hacia formas de construir más sostenibles y eficaces.


Mario Corea Arquitectura is a professional architect’s office with more than 30 years of experience devoted to the project and technical building management of health care and educational buildings, sports facilities, dwellings and urban design projects in Catalonia, Spain and South America.

CT Ingenieros

CT Engineers AEC is a leader in multiplatform BIM methodology services. Works on the interoperability between various modelling, measurement and coordination software in order to serve architects, engineers, builders and developers.


The solution that optimizes the planning, building, maintenance and refurbishing of real estate assets.


Consultancy in strategy, management and technology in the field of health, life sciences and social and socio-health services.

Hitt Health Innovations

Experts in information and market analysis, programs and hospital training.


Our philosophy allows us to contribute actively and creatively, providing innovative solutions, but always looking for the improvement in the provision of care and the best possible working environment for professionals.

Coloma + Armegol

Consulting and training company. Experts in BIM and innovation in construction. They manage and coordinate the ‘Master BIM Management Steering’ at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).

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