To make such a complex as a hospital building is normal physical models are used, it is essential to test to see if the operating rooms, emergency rooms or other life support elements work correctly. However, these physical models are expensive, and more, if they need to be reworked. The fact is that virtual reality supposes an aid for the design of hospitals. Do you want to know how? In HBS, we tell you!


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El VR in hospitals, a solution

Time and money are the most common problems when designing and building a hospital infrastructure because if we design and there is an error in the model, it must be redone. What is it? More time, therefore, more delays and more money.

But thanks to new technologies we have the possibility to solve it and optimize processes. Virtual reality does not only serve to live experiences but to create virtual models during the design and construction phase. Some models that also serve to test with the agents who will finally use them, such as doctors or staff.

The use of physical models is common in medical construction. Operating rooms, operating rooms, emergency rooms and other hospital components are complex, so tests are needed to ensure that vital life support systems and hospital infrastructure operate efficiently in compact spaces. But the creation of physical models is time-consuming and expensive, and the discovery of errors that require rework during construction increases costs and delays.

There are cases that reflect that the use of virtual reality (VR) can help save up to 90%. And the fact that professionals and users can experience and see virtually what space will be like increases productivity since they are the most capable of making quality comments if the elements are well prepared or not and they do it before construction.

At HBS, we are committed to innovation in the design and construction of hospitals. If you are interested, you can write us here or leave us a comment.

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